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The Wrench is a media-based social enterprise that focuses on homelessness and chronic poverty. We publish Ottawa's only street newspaper, which includes written works from the street-involved.

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Letter to the editor: "Comment on the Salvation Army Move to Vanier"

It has been quite problematic for the people of the Salvation Army. In their intent to be good Samaritans and help the homeless...[more]


Creative Works

Take Some Time and Do Without

Take some time and do without
What else is this life about?
What's to be gained from chasing a fraud, we've lost it all it's been so broad...[more]



Cancelled Wedding Becomes Dinner for Homeless

"It's too painful to think about." So said Sarah Cummins on her wedding day, just a week after she and her fiancée decided to end things. Instead, she thought of something else... [more]


Street Stories

A Long Way from Home

"In the long run, a shortcut seldom is." ~  Malcolm Forbes. It was the spring of '92, my drug and alcohol use had reached an... [more]



Announcements, Updates, and the Wrench's Origin Story

A lot of announcements to cover. A migration to YouTube, financial questions, goals, visions and our origin story. Have a listen to learn a bit... [more]


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